Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Wat grandmother is more coherent, however there has been significant fluid buildup in her body, and she's suffering from pulmonary edema, basically fluid buildup in the lungs and wheezing like crazy. Docs have talked to me about having a peg tube put in, which is basically a colostomy bag and such. My mom and I both agree removing her feeding tube is a horrible, horrible way to let my grandmother go, especially when she's still somewhat coherent. Essentially it's death by starvation and I can't condone that.

Seeing my grandmother basically wandering between progress and failure, at th cusp of death just.... I wish I could go back in time, back to when my grandmother was happy and healthy....

Good News For A Change

My grandmother woke up at 5:15AM, pointed to me and called me "ah boy", which is her pet name for me. In the time she was admitted last wednesday til today, she has made amazing progress, despite the cerebral edema (brain swelling), and the fact that the location of the stroke is located near the brain stem where the autonomous motor control center is.

I'm just taking this one small progressive step at a time.

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Grandma's brething is heavy, endemic for someone with arterial thrombosis. She's still considered in the 'red zone', which means that at any point her condition could get worse.

All i can do is be here for her, and pray she makes it out ok.

I Wish I could Infiltrate Dreams

I'm at the hospital by grandma's side, she's still in a coma, I keep training tool talk to her, to let her know I'm thre, but part of me wonders if it is nothing but a futile effort. First my uncle and now this.

Why...just, fucking why
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It's Kill Off my Family Day

As of this morning, my cousin Eugene called from malaysia to say my uncle passed away. At least his suffering ened and he went peacefully.

Then this afternoon my grandmother is unconscious and unresponsive, paramedics are called in and they stabilize her blood sugar, judging from her leftward gaze and inability to speak, it stands to reason she may have had a stroke, or a diabetic coma.

The next 48 hrs are going to be really crucial for my grandmother....
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Ok, someone tried to trade in an iPhone yesterday to get credit towards a new phone. Cool, most people do this, it kinda stuck me as odd they were trying to trade in an iPhone 4. Then... my coworker notices something odd on the side, thought maybe it was one that had a built in stylus or something.

Nope.... it was an antenna.

This iPhone was a knock-off from China that sported an antenna! We refused to trade in the iPhone and he promptly threatened to call the ATF and FBI on us. This after he allegedly tried to rip off the iPhone demo.

What a fucking joke.
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Why I'm a fan of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

I figure this would be a great outlet to kinda get this off my chest, since a lot of people have been asking the most overused one word question. WHy?

Well.. let's do a step by step as to HOW I got hooked on this confounded show anyway.

I browse a lot, I'll admit, most of that, is for the art. Oft times you'll find art there that's good and that you didn't know existed. If there were a "FUKKIN SAVED" button, trust me, there'd be one for there. The furry drama though eh, I don't bother paying attention to it primarily because I just don't care. Anywho.. on one thread I noticed a significant amount of these memes being posted, and it kinda reminded me of a mix between My Little Pony that I remember from the 80s and Powerpuff Girls.

So henceforth I went on to 4chan and started browsing threads, and noticed poni EVERYWHERE and talk of this new reboot to the MY Little Pony franchise. Curious, I began to browse, and clicked on a link that brought me to an episode called "Bridle Gossip". Flutterguy did me in, I HAD to see the rest of the series, and so I watched, every episode, TWICE. Feeling Pinkie Keen did me in though, the awesomeness of the show producers including Derpy as canon was... glorious.

Ah, but WHY do you like this show? Nostalgia may have a little to do with it, but to be honest, I like the show because it offers something no other show on TV offers or delivers in such a fun and very non-pandering manner. Important takeaways like, how to treat your friends, someting that as warm and inviting as the furry fandom has been for me, the amateurish treatment of friends irked me, especially if ideologies clashed, or someone brought up an opinion that differed from theirs. Secondly, I love this show for how it makes me feel afterwards. Many shows that I USED to watch, like House, Stargate SG1, Voyager, etc. As awesome as the plots and stories of these shows were, never really had anything useful I could apply to areas outside of my life. With this show, that changes, this show kinda teaches the basics of friendship, stuff that quite frankly needed to be re-iterated, because in some instances, the word 'friend' seems... almost synonymus with "Yes Men".

I think one thing about this show is it's given me a deeper understanding and appreciation of all the little things in life.
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Rarity? Really?

Which My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic pony are you?

Beautiful, stylish and sparkling with class, you're the candy of every pony's eye and a complete charmer. But you're not just a pretty face- you're also an artist! Wether you're creative at fashion or painting or even song-writing, your imagination is the real jewel on your personal crown. And you know this, so you flaunt all your gorgeousness like there's no tomorrow; but the best thing is you use your skills to help others feel great, too! Unfortunately your confidence can often be mistaken for arrogance. Luckily your real friends know just how lovely you are!

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I kinda figured I'd be Pinkie Pie or something. Ah well. :D
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